Your Responsibilities as a CLP Employee

CLP is your employer. You’re on our payroll and you help us provide a service to our customers. We count on you to build our business. We expect you to act in the best interest of CLP and our customers, exhibiting professional, safe and courteous conduct during job assignments and while interacting with CLP employees and customers.

You represent yourself and CLP when you’re on our customer’s jobsite, so it’s important to conduct yourself responsibly at all times. You are CLP’s best sales representative. Your ability to get along well with others will greatly influence your success with CLP.



  • Show up at the jobsite dressed for the job, ready to work and equipped with your tools and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Remain committed to your assignment until the customer releases you
  • Plan your commute so that you arrive at the jobsite on time and ready to work each day
  • Contact CLP at least one hour prior to the job start time if you are unable to report to work
  • Contact CLP if you are going to be late
  • Work safely, observing CLP’s Code of Safe Practices
  • Wear appropriate PPE
  • You are an employee of CLP, therefore we ask that you report any complaints about rules, hours, or scheduling to a CLP staff member


  • Solicit, including passing out leaflets and holding meetings during working hours
  • Pass out literature of any kind in working areas during working hours
  • Bring or invite any outsider onto a CLP customer’s jobsite, including other employees not assigned to that site
  • Participate in any physical or verbal confrontation with other individuals on company property or customer jobsites, regardless of who started the confrontation
  • Discriminate against or harass others
  • Create a hostile work environment
  • Discuss or negotiate wages and/or benefits, or solicit employment or side jobs with CLP customers
  • Leave the jobsite without authorization from CLP. Such actions are considered Abandonment of Work
  • Supply false evaluation or timecard information
  • Fail to show at an assigned jobsite
  • Violate CLP’s drug and alcohol policy
  • Possess firearms or any other weapons on CLP company property or customer jobsites
Engaging in any of the above activities may result in termination.
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