Wind Power Construction

At CLP, we help wind power construction contractors by providing a skilled industrial field workforce for wherever your project takes you. Our team of skilled trades specialists have firsthand knowledge about wind power construction and will work with you to create a customized labor management plan based on your goals and timeline.

CLP makes wind power construction staffing simple and hassle-free. Our alternative energy employment system gives you the people you need for each phase of your wind power construction project - eliminating the overhead of a costly, permanent field workforce. And since CLP handles the administrative burdens of recruiting, hiring and employing, you enjoy fewer headaches and gain the ability to focus on more important aspects of your wind power construction project.

From concrete forming to assembly to iron work, CLP’s wind power construction network includes a database containing thousands of pre-screened industrial skilled tradespeople with alternative energy construction experience. With CLP, you get a go-anywhere workforce capable of delivering your next wind power construction project on your timeline and within your budget parameters.

Contact a CLP representative today for more information about CLP’s wind power construction skilled workforce solutions.

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