Testimonials (What Our Customers Are Saying)

We value the feedback we receive from our customers and actively seek to gather their thoughts and input.  Below are some of the recent comments our customers have made about working with us.

“CLP is a great solution for any university, school or company that needs additional staffing to get the job done.”   ~Robert T.

“CLP has been an integral part of our construction projects. They  have provided skilled, presentable, quality tradespeople as we have requested and have worked with us to meet our project time and budgetary needs. They remain a key part of helping us complete projects faster and at a reasonable price.” ~Glen L.

“We worked with CLP several months in advance going over staffing, schedules and procedures. The work was challenging and required significant flexibility as schedules and needs changed daily. CLP staffed the project well, performed all tasks and, most importantly, stayed on schedule.”  ~Chris Y.

"I'm impressed with the willingness of your company to help us get the job done. Your high level of customer service and attention to detail has allowed us the flexibility to change schedules on an as needed basis." ~ Chris T.

“CLP worked with us closely to ensure that our needs were met for the most competitive price and with professional employees. I would recommend CLP as a staffing source for any company requiring temporary staffing needs. We will look to CLP primarily for any staffing needs we have in the future, whether at our home location or at any other project locations all over the country.”   ~ Justin

“When our customers need us to complete a large job in a short amount of time, CLP has located experienced electricians in days. When our workloads suddenly decrease, such as between big jobs, we’re able to send our CLP employees home without having the high cost of unemployment claims and COBRA insurance issues. This flexibility helps us cater to our customer needs and stand out from other less nimble companies.” ~Valerie M., Electrical Contractor

 "I have used CLP for the past 2 and a half years and have been really impressed. CLP has never let me down." ~Robert W.

“We appreciate the labor resources your company provided during an extraordinarily busy season which required your services. Your professionalism allowed us to obtain the workforce that we required under sometimes extraordinary and unique circumstances.” ~ David H., Electrical Contractor

“As the project engineer for a $25 million renovation project, I have called upon CLP constantly for skilled carpenters, skilled laborers and unskilled laborers. CLP has consistently provided the right personnel for our needs.”     ~Arthur E., Builder

We’re bidding on jobs we might not have gone after before because of our confidence that CLP can provide the workers we need, across a broad geographic footprint.”    ~Jon M., Fixture Installer

“CLP listened to our concerns and needs and then provided us with the level and quality of workers that we requested in order to get our projects completed on time and to the standards our clients desired. They not only strive to find the ‘right’ fit for our open positions, but also tailored a manpower plan to specifically meet our needs.”      ~Darrell C., Construction

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