Total Construction Solutions

On the hunt for total construction solutions? Here’s a thought – use a temporary workforce. By partnering with CLP -- the nation’s leading supplier of reliable skilled tradespeople to commercial, industrial, energy, institutional and residential building contractors -- you can:

  • Plan your manpower like you plan your projects. As a partner in the success of your construction project, CLP can work with you to plan ahead to make sure the right tradespeople are on your job, when you need them, for each phase of the job.
  • Secure an all-inclusive rate. To get the true cost of employment, add in benefits, workers' comp, unemployment, administration, legal compliance, vacation and sick leave on top of an hourly wage. When you use a CLP employee, all of these costs and more are included in the hourly rate you pay.
  • Reduce risk. Today's construction industry is still faced with instability and uncertainty, and that means increased risk for your business. Employing a contingent workforce is a strategic choice you can make to reduce that risk.

If you’re interested in learning more about total construction solutions like this, please contact a CLP representative today. Our team of experts will ascertain your specific job requirements and then staff your project with pre-screened and experienced tradespeople from our broad national database. You get the precise workforce you need - when and where you need it. Your project. Our people. The best match.

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