Stimulus Shovel Ready

CLP is a convenient one-stop source for stimulus shovel ready construction labor. At CLP we’ve invested more time and resources in understanding and tracking ARRA projects than any other company in our space. We can help you track, bid and win stimulus shovel ready projects that are critical for your company’s growth and future.

When it comes to stimulus shovel ready projects, the last thing you need is a bloated workforce. Our skilled and experienced tradespeople offer an alternative for traditional, permanent hiring. Instead, our team of staffing specialists will help you create a customized staffing plan that provides a right-sized, temporary workforce for every stimulus shovel ready project your company tackles.

The CLP team is knowledgeable and experienced with stimulus shovel ready projects. Let us help you achieve the right staffing balance for stimulus shovel-ready projects across the U.S.

Contact us today to learn how CLP can help your company land and complete more stimulus shovel ready construction projects.

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