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We’re working with the nation’s largest solar companies, and we have hundreds of full-time solar installation positions now open in Arizona, New Mexico, Maryland, Nevada and California. These are long-term assignments, they pay well, and they are physically demanding. Are you ready to start your renewable energy career?

  • Installers
  • Laborers
  • Telescoping Forklift Drivers
  • Pole Installation Equipment Operators
  • CDL Water Truck Drivers
  • Electricians
  • Field Level Management
  • Safety Managers
  • Quality Assurance Inspector
  • Electrical Superintendent
  • Civil Superintendent
  • Document Controls
  • Office Manager
  • Subcontracts Administrator
  • Project Cost Controller
  • Site Buyer
  • Environmental Technician
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Power Plant Technician

As a CLP employee, you won't have to look for work - we'll do that for you! We'll keep you working, project to project. And because you're a regular employee of CLP, we offer you benefits like a group insurance plan, 401(k) retirement program and paid time off. We've been in business since 1987 - we're a stable, strong company you can rely on to pay you every week, take an interest in your career, offer you safety training and PPE, and help you grow in your trade. Call us at 888.WORK.CLP for more information.

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CLP is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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