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If you’re looking for current solar jobs, look no further than CLP Resources, Inc.  We are the leading supplier of reliable and skilled tradespeople to energy, commercial, institutional, retail and residential building contractors across the nation.

With nearly 25 years of experience in the construction staffing industry, wehave built our reputation on providing qualified and skilled workers.  With the expertise and experience we provide, we’re able to work with some of the top renewable energy firms in the nation and are constantly updating our database to reflect the latest openings in solar jobs.

Along with finding you temporary or long-term solar jobs that fits your skills and career goals, we recognize the importance of your job and want you to be satisfied.  Benefits including health insurance, 401K options and referral bonuses are part of the package -- not to mention a reliable weekly paycheck

Simply click here to find the latest solar jobs or contact a CLP representative today.  Our mission is to find you work, and keep you working.

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Tempe, Arizona

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