Skilled Trades Staffing

CLP is the construction industry’s best source for skilled trades staffing solutions. As employment specialists, we are uniquely positioned to offer skilled construction labor resources for commercial, industrial, government and residential projects across the nation.

Whether you need a handful of skilled trades people to get your construction project back on track or a whole crew to start your next big job, CLP construction recruiters will work with you to provide the best match of tradespeople, accessing our extensive database with thousands of pre-screened and pre-qualified workers.

Bottom line: at CLP, we recruit, hire, employ and manage skilled construction tradespeople so you don’t have to. By eliminating the administrative requirements, CLP gives you the ability to focus on the important task of managing and growing your business. And our specialization in skilled trades staffing means that you get the benefit of an experienced and knowledgeable employment team for all of your hiring needs.

See how CLP’s skilled trades staffing solutions can help now!

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