Skilled Personnel

Looking for skilled personnel for your construction projects? Instead of hiring a permanent workforce, get the tradespeople you need – when and where you need them most.

CLP will work with you to provide the best match of skilled tradespeople, accessing our broad national database with thousands of pre-screened and pre-qualified workers. This is ideal for those situations whether you need a handful of skilled personnel to get your construction project back on track, or a whole crew to start the next big job.

There simply isn’t a more efficient or convenient approach to construction staffing anywhere. Gone are the long-term costs of employing, laying-off, and then re-remploying skilled personnel. CLP even handles HR functions like payroll and benefits administration, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and other employment costs. Now you’ll have more time to focus on your business instead of recruiting.

Learn more about how CLP can provide the skilled personnel you need to complete your construction projects on time and on budget.

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