Skilled Construction Tradesmen

Need to find skilled construction tradesmen that you can rely on? CLP can provide you with a proven workforce to handle your project.

CLP – the nation’s leading supplier of reliable skilled tradespeople to commercial, industrial, energy, institutional and residential building contractors - will provide you with access to our broad national database with thousands of pre-screened and pre-qualified skilled construction tradesmen -- including a dedicated traveling workforce that can be deployed for your remote projects.

Whether you need a handful of skilled construction tradesmen or an entire team to get your construction project back on track, CLP will provide the quality professionals you need so you can complete your job. In addition, when you team up with CLP, we take care of all your HR needs, leaving you time to focus on your business instead of recruiting.

It’s really that simple! Contact CLP and we’ll introduce you to the finest skilled construction tradesmen available. There just isn’t a more efficient or convenient approach to staffing anywhere.

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