Safety on Construction Site

If you’re a contractor, then you’re concerned about safety on your construction site. At CLP, we’re concerned about safety on construction site, too. That’s why we’re committed to providing the safest and most qualified skilled tradespeople for construction projects throughout the nation, and to working with you to ensure each jobsite maintains the safety record we both strive for.

CLP’s approach to safety on construction site includes assessments of safety performance and attitude for each of our employees. Our employees are required to participate in a mandatory safety orientation before they receive an assignment and participate in an ongoing safety information & award program. To increase safety on construction site, a team of field safety specialists works with CLP and our customers to maintain the safety of every jobsite, and on-site safety evaluations & safety program planning are also available.

Additionally, CLP works toward achieving complete safety on construction site by pre-screening our employees for job qualifications, regulatory compliance and safety If we don’t believe an employee can comply with our standards for safety on construction site, then they won’t be placed with our clients – no exceptions.

We encourage all of our clients and employees to partner with us to promote safety on construction site.

Learn more about CLP’s focus on safety.

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