Running A Successful Construction Company

CLP makes the job of running a successful construction company a little easier with workforce solutions that reduce labor costs and enhance operational efficiency. Instead of employing an expensive permanent workforce, CLP’s unique staffing system gives you the skilled tradespeople you need for each phase of your construction project.

At CLP, our team of employment professionals understands the challenges associated with running a successful construction company. Our people will work with your company to recruit and build the team you need for any building project. When it comes to out-of-market projects, you send your supervisors and we send the skilled tradespeople, eliminating expenses like travel costs and per diems.

Risk management is one of the keys to running a successful construction company. CLP helps you reduce safety risk with workers that are safety-trained and supervised by our field management team through on-site visits and consultations. We can also help you reduce financial and employment risks by eliminating permanent hiring burdens like benefits, vacation & sick time, COBRA and increases to your business tax rates.

Contact CLP today to learn how our workforce solutions can help you achieve your goal of running a successful construction company.

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