Renewable Energy Projects

When it comes to renewable energy projects, you need workforce solutions that deliver skilled industrial tradespeople on your timeline. At CLP, we understand the unique demands renewable energy projects place on construction contractors. When you partner with CLP you get a ready workforce of skilled tradespeople who can bring your renewable energy projects in on time and on budget.

Our tested staffing process for renewable energy projects gives your company the workers you need when you need them. The CLP team of alternative energy staffing specialists works with you to provide the best match of our skilled industrial tradespeople with the specific demands of your renewable energy projects. The result is a lean and efficient skilled workforce that has been tailored to meet the deadlines and deliverables of your renewable energy projects - every time.

From solar to geothermal to wind, CLP has workforce solutions for all your renewable energy projects throughout the U.S. For more information about how we can help you staff your renewable energy projects, contact a CLP team member today.

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