Renewable Energy Construction

CLP is the acknowledged leader in helping renewable energy construction contractors augment their industrial skilled workforce. For more than twenty years, CLP’s industrial skilled tradespeople have given contractors the ability to bring geographically diverse and time-critical projects in - on budget and on time.

When you partner with CLP, renewable energy construction contractors have access to a team of labor experts who understand the staffing demands of the alternative energy sector. We work closely with you to create the best match of skilled tradespeople for each phase of your renewable energy construction project. Instead of carrying the overhead of a permanent skilled workforce, you get the experienced tradespeople exactly – and only – when and where you need them.

Another benefit of CLP’s renewable energy construction sourcing process is that we outsource burdensome hiring and HR functions. . In addition to mandatory pre-employment drug screening and safety orientation, all of our skilled tradespeople are required to participate in ongoing safety training, and CLP’s safety rewards program.

Contact a CLP representative today for more information about industrial skilled workforce solutions for your next renewable energy construction project.

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