Priority Bid

Did you know you can fulfill the “self performance” requirement of your contracts when you partner with CLP on your priority bid and use our skilled tradespeople on your jobsites?

CLP meets the requirements needed to be acknowledged as an eligible provider of manpower resources on a government project in accordance with SBA guidelines. This provides 8a contractors with the flexibility to priority bid on more government projects and add the tradespeople they need for their winning bids, without the time and cost of hiring full-time tradespeople.

Another benefit to working with CLP -- you avoid the long-term cost of employing, laying-off, and then re-remploying skilled workers. You also eliminate the risks associated with recruiting, hiring and employing a skilled workforce since CLP handles the HR functions like payroll and benefits administration, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and other employment costs. You simply won’t find a more efficient or convenient approach to staffing anywhere.

If you have any questions about priority bidding, or would like help navigating the intricacies of government contracts, please contact your CLP representative.

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