Prevailing Thoughts on Prevailing Wage

Reno, Nev. (July 29, 2009) – Contractors who have put off bidding on government contracts because of federal, state and local government’s unwieldy payment terms need to take a closer look. One of the provisions of the 2009 Stimulus Act is faster payment to contractors on “Public Works” jobs. This is because the 3% withholding has been removed from stimulus projects, thus alleviating sustained costs for contractors and delayed final payments.

CLP Resources, Inc. is leading the construction industry with market-by-market stimulus project tracking and knows how these (and other) projects can impact the bottom line. Why is CLP tracking this initiative? Because they believe in true partnerships where in addition to exceptional service, they also provide strategic information to help customers win more work.

Specifically, CLP provides:

  • Assurance that contractors’ workforces will be in compliance with both Davis-Bacon Act (DBA) and Service Contract Act (SCA) requirements;
  • Accurate quotes on total employment expenses before the job starts ~ wages, fringe benefits, workers’ comp and taxes;
  • Certified Payroll forms in a typed, easy-to-read format;
  • Timely receipt of payroll data on a weekly basis;
  • Professional assistance throughout the job;

There really is no better time to go after government work, and CLP can be the compass businesses need to navigate the government landscape efficiently and profitably. With more than 20 years experience in staffing public construction projects ranging from schools to public buildings and military facilities, CLP is prepared to meet the compliance requirements of any government project.

Stacey Burke
Vice President of Communications

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