Misclassification of Independent Contractors

The misclassification of independent contractors can be both risky and possibly illegal. By using a proven and reputable staffing agency like CLP Resources, Inc., you can avoid those costly risks. 

For nearly 25 years, CLP has been providing temporary workforce solutions and has built its business on providing value and service.  Some construction staffing companies have been known to hire skilled tradespeople as independent contractors (1099s) to avoid the legal costs of employment, and then place them on jobsites at below-market bill rates, theoretically "saving" contractors money.  As tempting as this might sound, don’t fall into this trap of misclassification of independent contractors.

In order to protect your business, and abide by the law, work only with reputable construction staffing companies like CLP that hire and employ tradespeople as employees of their company.   You don’t want to worry about misclassification of independent contractors - and we don’t want you to.  Contact us today.

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