Local Tradesmen

Looking for reliable, skilled local tradesmen for your construction projects?  Instead of hiring a permanent workforce, get the workers you need -- when and where you need them most.

CLP Resources, Inc. is the nation’s leading supplier of skilled labor to commercial, energy, institutional, retail and residential building contractors.  We offer temporary workforce solutions designed to match qualified and reliable local tradesmen with each project you need help with, whether it’s to get it back on track or if you need a whole crew to start the next big job.

In addition to finding you the skilled local tradesmen you need, CLP handles all the administrative burdens associated with managing a temporary workforce.  We take care of recruiting and hiring, as well as HR functions like payroll and benefits administration and other employment costs. 

Spend more time focusing on your business, not on recruiting local tradesmen for your project.  Contact a CLP representative today!

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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