Industrial Tradesman

The best place to look for a skilled industrial tradesman? At CLP, of course. Whether you need one industrial tradesman or one hundred, the CLP team can help you find just the right tradesman for these types of industrial jobsites:
• Refineries
• Shut-downs & Turn Arounds
• Power Plants
• Ethanol Plants
• Chemical Plants
• Electrical Substations
• Electrical Transmission Lines
• Wind Turbines
• Waste Management
• Paper & Textile Mills
• Ports & Marine Work
• Mine Sites
• Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Plants
• Renewable Energy Plants
When you partner with CLP, we take care of the burdens and expense of recruiting, hiring and employing skilled tradespeople. That means lower costs, less risk and no surprises. You pay only for the hours our employees work, and one inclusive rate covers everything - including workers' comp and an employee benefit program. And most importantly, every CLP industrial tradesman is recruited, tested and ready with the industrial skills your job demands. Period.
Contact the CLP team today for all of your industrial tradesman needs. After all, when you've got the right people, there's no limit to what you can do.

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