Industrial Staffing Services

With more than 20 years of partnering with industrial contractors throughout the nation, CLP understands the unique demands of industrial projects. CLP recognizes the importance of skill, safety, experience and timeliness in your workforce. We work closely with you to recruit, screen and hire the best match of skilled tradespeople for each phase of your project.

Leveraging our extensive database of skilled tradespeople, CLP’s industrial staffing services will create a customized recruiting and staffing plan around your specific construction demands. Our workers arrive at your worksite with the skills, experience and attitude needed to get the job done -- on time and as planned. CLP also employs a specialized traveling workforce that can be deployed to your remote jobsites.

Using CLP’s industrial staffing services also reduces the burden and costs associated with recruiting, employing and supervising a skilled labor workforce. Throughout the duration of employment, CLP handles our workers’ personnel records, payroll administration, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and other employment costs.

To learn more about our industrial staffing services, contact a CLP team member now.

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