Industrial Craft Workers

When it comes to getting the right industrial craft workers for your new construction, maintenance or shut-down projects, three things matter: skill, experience and timeliness. With CLP as your industrial craft worker staffing partner, you get all three.

With more than 20 years in business, CLP understands the demands of working on industrial projects. We’ll work with you to identify the specifics of your project and deploy our industrial craft workers to your project site – anywhere in the nation.

Our industrial craft workers are recruited, screened and tested in advance to ensure that when they arrive at your jobsite, they will meet your specific requirements, with the tools, experience and attitudes to get the job done. Every time.

As a CLP partner, you can relay on have a ready workforce of industrial craft workers when and where you need them, ensuring that your project stays on time and is completed a planned.

For a full range of industrial craft workers for your upcoming project, contact CLP today.

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