I9 Regulations

”Who must complete Form I-9?”  “What is required to verify work authorization?” “Do I need to complete a Form I-9 for everyone who applies?”  These are just a few of the frequently asked questions CLP Resources, Inc. is asked regarding I-9 regulations. As your trusted staffing agency, we can take care of all that for you.

At CLP, we provide you with the temporary workforce you need to complete your project.  In addition, we cover workers’ comp, payroll taxes, and employee benefits and are fully covered with all federal I-9 regulations.  Too often, staffing agencies do not report correctly, and that can mean costly legal and financial troubles for your business.  We pride ourselves on our employees working safely and legally.

Why not stick with a staffing company like CLP -- whom you can rely on not only to save time and control costs, but to take care of all I-9 regulations, and other government requirements?  We’ve built our reputation on providing the services you need.  Contact us today.

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