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Smart Contractors Choose CLP.

You can rely on us for tradespeople who will arrive at your jobsite ready to work, not ready to be trained. We verify each worker's skills and experience and make sure they can meet the physical demands of your job in advance. And we'll take care of the burdens and expense of recruiting, hiring and employing skilled tradespeople. That means lower costs, less risk and no surprises for you.

  • You pay only for the hours our employees work.
  • Employing tradespeople costs more than their hourly wage ~ when you add in benefits, workers' comp, unemployment, administration, legal compliance, vacation and sick leave, you get the true cost of employment. The hourly rate for a CLP employee includes all of these costs. And more.
  • Recruiting the right tradespeople is tough in any economic climate, especially when you may have hundreds of applicants for every open position. This is where we excel. We put all applicants through a rigorous screening and hiring process ~ interviews, reference checks, skill testing, drug testing, safety orientation, E-Verify and integrity testing - so you can be sure the employee we assign to your job meets our standards and your requirements.

Focus On What You Do Best—Building!

Many of our customers save time and money by planning their manpower needs as they plan the rest of their construction project—on a scheduled basis, in advance. Whether you rely on us for one or two tradespeople or a crew to support your lead man, working together ensures we'll be able to plan a skilled trades staffing solution that will keep your project on time and on budget.

Learn more about CLP's skilled trades staffing models.

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