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Think all construction staffing firms are the same? Think again! For more than 20 years, CLP has set the standard for construction staffing firms by providing highly-skilled tradespeople who are ready to work on your timeline and according to your job specifications.

Our commitment to our customers is one of the reasons CLP is the recognized leader among construction staffing firms. Our staff is dedicated to making sure you have the right tradespeople for every phase of your construction project, so you can remain focused on your business, take on additional projects and meet project deadlines. When you work with CLP, we take on the risk of recruiting, hiring and employing staff while you enjoy reduced costs, less risk and fewer headaches.

Unlike other construction staffing firms, CLP can directly improve your company’s bottom line. Our nationwide coverage enhances your ability to pursue additional construction bids throughout the U.S. When it comes to construction staffing firms, CLP gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have skilled tradespeople who will finish the job on time every time.

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