Construction Risk Management

Construction is a risky business. With financial, safety and employment risks staring you in the face, you need an effective strategy for construction risk management. CLP, the nation’s leading source for skilled construction labor solutions, has the resources and expertise to meet all of your construction risk management needs.

At CLP, our construction risk management approach helps manage your financial risks by aligning your workforce with each phase of your construction project. You will always have the people you need to finish your project on time and on budget.

CLP also offers construction risk management for safety and employment concerns. Our workers are safety-trained, covered by our workers’ compensation plan and supervised by CLP’s field management safety team with on-site safety visits and consultations. And when it comes to employment, CLP eliminates permanent hiring burdens like benefits, vacation & sick time, COBRA, increases to your business tax rates and other potential employment risks.

Construction risk management at CLP means you get our people working on your project. Contact us today for more information about how CLP can help optimize construction risk management for your organization.


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