Construction Recruitment Agencies

Searching for construction recruitment agencies? Unlike other employment companies, CLP focuses exclusively on providing contractors with construction staffing services and it isnt just what we do, its all we do.

When you work with a construction recruitment agency like CLP, you avoid the long-term cost of employing, laying-off, and then re-remploying skilled workers. You also eliminate the risks associated with recruiting, hiring and employing a skilled workforce since CLP handles the HR functions like payroll and benefits administration, unemployment insurance, workers compensation and other employment costs.

The CLP team makes sure you have the right tradespeople for every phase of your construction project. We work with you to identify your specific job requirements and then staff your project with pre-screened and experienced tradespeople from our broad national database. Turning to construction recruitment agencies like CLP means that you get the precise workforce you need - when and where you need it.

Learn why CLP should be at the top of your list of construction recruitment agencies now.

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