Overhead and Profit in Construction

The efficient management of construction overhead and profit doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, commitment and experience. CLP, the nation’s leading provider of skilled tradespeople, has what it takes to help you take control of construction overhead and profit for your company.

How do we do it? At CLP, construction overhead and profit management is based on limiting payroll, your company’s largest overhead expense. Instead of hiring permanent tradespeople, CLP enables you to hire temporary skilled tradespeople that have been accurately matched to each phase of your building project. Our skilled trades staffing solutions significantly boost efficiency, resulting in lower overhead and larger profit.

CLP’s team of labor specialists is uniquely equipped to give your company construction overhead and profit management solutions that have been customized to your project schedules and staffing needs. To learn more about how we can help you manage construction overhead and profit in your business, contact a CLP team member today.

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