Construction Overhead Cost

Construction overhead costs can severely challenge your company’s profitability. With payroll expenses comprising the lion’s share of construction overhead costs, you need a staffing solution that is capable of delivering real results in the areas of operational efficiency and labor cost management.

CLP, the proven leader in skilled trades staffing, limits the impact of construction overhead costs on your company’s bottom line. Our temporary workforce solutions are designed to expertly match skilled tradespeople to each phase of your project. You get the workers you need when you need them – and the benefit of reduced construction overhead costs.

CLP also gives your company the ability to minimize construction overhead costs by reducing the administrative burden associated with recruiting and employing a skilled labor workforce. Throughout the duration of their employment, CLP handles our workers’ personnel records, payroll, benefits administration, workers’ comp, and other expensive and time-consuming HR requirements.

Contact us today to learn how CLP can help your company improve your profitability by making significant reductions in construction overhead costs.

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