Construction Industry Health and Safety

Construction industry health and safety is critical to the success of a business.  And for CLP Resources, Inc., safety is more than a set of rules -- it’s integral to the way we do business.

CLP is the leading supplier of reliable skilled labor to commercial, energy, institutional, retail and residential building contractors.  From the time we hire a skilled tradesperson and throughout their employment, we work with them and with our customers to keep jobsites and workers safe. In our world, construction industry health and safety of our employees is simply smart business.

By partnering with CLP Resources, Inc., you also eliminate the risks associated with recruiting, hiring, employing and managing a skilled workforce since CLP handles all HR and administrative functions for you.  In the construction industry, health and safety are a priority, but saving time and money for our clients is what we do best!

To learn more about construction industry health and safety at CLP, contact a representative today.

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