Construction Headhunters

Looking for construction headhunters? Why not turn to CLP Resources, Inc. instead? With more than 25 years of experience in the construction staffing industry, CLP has proven itself to be a great option for finding temporary construction job opportunities across the nation. 

More and more companies are turning to CLP to provide reliable and skilled labor for their commercial, energy, institutional, retail and residential building projects.  They know that by using CLP instead of construction headhunters, they can count on our experience and expertise in screening and evaluating temporary workers for the skills and qualifications they need.

What does that mean for you? Our team takes the time to match you up with the position where you can succeed.  Unlike construction headhunters, we make sure that you not only have a reliable weekly paycheck, but that you also have access to benefits like group insurance and 401(k) retirement programs.

To see if CLP is the right way to turn to propel your career forward, contact us today!

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