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There is a reason CLP is the industry’s leading construction employment agency. Unlike other construction employment agency recruiters, construction staffing is our specialization – it’s all we do. At CLP, we understand the unique demands of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential building projects, and work closely with our customers to recruit and assign the best match of tradespeople for every phase of your building project.

As the leading construction employment agency, CLP has an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and the hiring process. Using hiring resources like detailed tool inventories, skill assessments, practical testing of key trades and pre-employment drug screening our staff ensures the best match of tradespeople with your workforce needs. In addition, our safety orientation, ongoing safety training and safety award program helps protect the safety of our employees and your jobsites.

Any construction employment agency can make promises. CLP delivers high-quality staff for construction projects across the nation and on your company’s timeline.

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