Construction Delay Claim

If a construction delay claim due to insufficient skilled tradespeople is affecting your profits, turn to CLP for help in finishing the job on time and on budget. As the leader in construction staffing for more than 20 years, our temporary workforce solutions are designed to expertly match qualified, tested and reliable tradespeople to each phase of your project.

Gone are the headaches of employing, laying-off, and re-remploying. You get the skilled workers you need, when you need them – and the benefit of reducing the administrative burdens of recruiting, hiring, employing and managing a workforce. And your business also enjoys reduced risk and expense since CLP handles unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and other employment costs.

Say goodbye to construction delay claims now. CLP’s proven approach to construction staffing ensures our tradespeople arrive at your worksite with the skills, experience and attitude to get the job done right -- every time.

Contact us today to learn more about how CLP can help you avoid another construction delay claim.

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