Construction Cost Management

CLP, the nation’s leading construction staffing provider, can help with your construction cost management by offering you temporary workforce solutions that reduce labor costs and increase operational efficiency. We can’t help you with the cost of your materials, office staff or other overhead expenses. But we can offer your company construction cost management tools for the most significant expense in your budget: Your payroll.

At the heart of CLP’s approach to construction cost management is the efficient, indirect hiring of skilled tradespeople. CLP gives you the best match of skilled tradespeople for each phase of your project, and you return them to CLP when their phase of the project is complete. Our construction cost management resources enable you to eliminate the overhead of a costly permanent work labor force as we work with you to maximize the benefit of temporary skilled tradespeople.

If you’re bidding and winning out of market projects, CLP’s construction cost management strategies can also help manage the expense of hiring out-of-market. CLP recruits and builds the crew you need for each market and you send your supervisors or foremen, eliminating the travel costs, per diem pay and quality of life costs typically associated with out-of-market projects.

Contact us today to learn how CLP can take your company’s construction cost management strategies to the next level.

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