Competitive Bidding

The competitive bidding process isn’t a game. More than ever before, it’s a matter of survival. And one key to success is flexibility. We give your company the flexibility to thrive in a competitive bidding environment.

Instead of creating bids based on the skilled workforce you have right now, we'll work with you during the competitive bidding process to identify the exact workforce you need to finish the job – no more, no less.

We can be the ingredient your company needs to expand your competitive bidding capacity. While other companies limit their competitive bidding to the location of their current workforce, our staffing process enables your company to participate in competitive bidding activities throughout the nation by mobilizing temporary workforce solutions for out of market bids.

We give your business the ability to increase or reduce your skilled workforce based on competitive bidding requirements. By helping you to successfully manage your workforce, we can help your company remain flexible and stay on budget by managing the expense of employing tradespeople.

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