Communication Guidelines

Communication is the key to a successful working relationship. CLP offices are open Monday through Friday, typically from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Please contact your local office for specific hours of operation. We have a toll-free number (800-CALL-CLP) that will route you directly to the nearest office, and we’ll always accept your collect call should the need arise. Offices also have voicemail, which will accept messages after hours.

The CLP staff is here to support you, and questions are always welcome. Please let us know if a customer asks you to do work that wasn’t described in your job assignment, appears unsafe, or is not within your technical skill or ability.

Here are some of the ways you can ensure good communication and a smooth working relationship as you begin your career with CLP.


  • To report a customer’s request that you perform work outside your skill area
  • To report any problems on site
  • To report lack of proper supervision or if you are left alone without supervision at a jobsite
  • To report if the site supervisor is unavailable to sign your timecard at the end of the day
  • To report injuries on the jobsite
  • To report safety hazards
  • To report any concerns about unsafe conditions   

CONTACT CLP’s COMPLIANCE ALERT at www.truebluecompliancealert.com or call 855-70-ALERT:

  • To report witnessed or experienced harassment
  • To report discrimination


  • Questions regarding your wages
  • Questions regarding your benefits
  • Questions regarding your working conditions
  • Questions regarding your break periods
  • Questions regarding overtime
  • Questions regarding scheduling


  • Don’t discuss your wages or benefits with CLP customers. They cannot affect, change or influence your pay or benefits. Have these conversations with your CLP manager or trade recruiter.
  • On some assignments, our customers may need to contact you directly. If this occurs, you’ll need to contact your local CLP office and let us know if the scope of your work has changed or if you have been asked to change jobsites. Please ask the customer to contact CLP as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements for the work or jobsite changes.
  • If a customer approaches you regarding a promotion or raise, please refer them to the CLP office. 
  • Don’t solicit outside employment or side jobs with CLP customers or with our customers’ clients.
  • Please don’t start conversations with customers’ clients. Refer them to our customers for assistance.
  • If a problem with a customer should develop, please allow CLP to intervene on your behalf, as your employer. We will act immediately to safeguard the rights and safety of our employees while preserving our customer relationships.


Stay in contact with your local CLP office regarding your availability for job assignments. When we offer you an assignment, check your schedule to be sure you are available for the duration of the entire assignment. Let us know right away when your assignment is nearing completion or has ended so that we can arrange for your next assignment.


Our customers depend on us to help them meet their project deadlines. We expect you to arrive promptly at all job assignments. However, we realize that you may experience illness, have car trouble or other emergencies. If you’re going to be late, please call us and let us know. If an emergency arises that will prevent you from getting to the jobsite, you must notify us immediately (at least one hour before start time) so we can contact our customer and, if necessary, assign someone else to go to the job in your place. In the event of bad weather, go to the customer’s jobsite at the scheduled time unless someone from CLP has contacted you.

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