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Cell Phone Policy

TrueBlue, Inc. and its family of brands to include: Labor Ready, Spartan Staffing, CLP, Centerline, PlaneTechs, Staff Management Solutions, SMX Cargo and Peoplescout requires all temporary employees to comply with federal and state cellular communication regulations and all rules set in this policy.
 While cellular communication while driving is permitted in various states, it is Company policy that cellular business-related communication while driving is strictly prohibited unless using a hand-free device. It is also policy that at no time may an employee send or read business-related electronic communications such as text messages, instant messages and/or e-mails while driving (please note that even voice texting should be done when the vehicle is stopped).TrueBlue believes that while driving a vehicle that the driver’s full attention should be on the road, their surroundings and safely operating the vehicle. Other activities are a distraction from their primary task and should be reserved for when they are not operating the vehicle. All fines and citations received during the course of business may be the responsibility of the employee if the fines and/or citations are due to employee negligent.                      
All non-work related cell phone use shall be reserved for break and meal times. When required by federal or
state law, all temporary employees who incur business-related communication charges in the scope of their employment must be reimbursed. In the State of California, employees receive reimbursement for the reasonable percentage of business communication usage made on personal devices.
 As a representative of the Company, cell phone users are reminded that the regular business etiquette employed when speaking from office phones or in meetings applies to conversations conducted over a cell phone.

Any violations of this policy will subject employees to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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