Case Studies

Shut-Down Project, Midwest

This past spring, a Fortune 500 company scheduled a $125 million, month-long shut-down of its Midwest refinery to overhaul the facility. With such an extensive "to-do" list, it was obvious the refinery would need to bring in outside help to complete the project with minimal disruption. They hired a general contractor, one that worked with several staffing suppliers to provide the 1,500 people required to complete the job. Because of CLP's due diligence and constant communication, it quickly took the lead among the staffing partners, working with affiliate company, PTS, to supply four lead site foremen and nearly 500 traveling tradespeople, including welders, hole watchers, pipefitters and equipment operators. To properly service a project of this magnitude, CLP assigned an experienced on-site manager and a specialty recruiter to handle workforce issues throughout the project. The CLP and PTS teams worked under almost impossible deadlines to recruit and background/drug check nearly 7,000 tradespeople; and then hire, oversee (and sometimes house) those ultimately hired to fill the required positions. CLP and PTS are proud of this partnership, which allowed the contractor to successfully complete the project on time and within budget.  

"I would like to thank CLP and PTS for their assistance on the refinery turnaround project that took place in March of 2010. They ultimately supplied us with almost 500 temporary skilled tradesmen, all of whom showed up fully prepared to work. This combination of preparation and skill helped us meet our deadlines on time and within budget. I would not hesitate to call on CLP and PTS again, as they have proven to be a very valuable asset to our company."
~Rob, Human Resources Director

Alternative Energy, New Construction - Texas

A national electrical contracting firm was preparing a bid proposal to construct a large-scale windmill project in west Texas. Based on their past business and experience with CLP, the project team worked with CLP and their affiliate company, PTS, to develop the labor cost section of the bid. After assessing the project's needs, CLP identified an opportunity for this company to reduce cost - and therefore create a more effective bid - by supplementing its journeyman electricians with a combination of Journeyman, apprentices and scaffold builders who could complete the job within scope at a lower overall cost. The result of this team approach? CLP's customer won the bid.

"CLP is more than just a staffing vendor. They're a true partner who understands our business and what it takes to be successful in the world of industrial electrical. They're looking out for our best interests and helping us grow our company. We appreciate their value-add approach."
                         -  Gregory, Foreman

Refinery, New Construction & Shut-down - Gulf Coast

Construction work at this refinery was at risk of falling behind schedule. The reason? Lack of qualified welders. The superintendents on the job spent as much time - and money - as they could trying to recruit welders who could pass their weld test, but could not find enough welders with the experience and quality the job required. CLP's affiliate company, PTS, was brought on as a staffing partner, tasked with recruiting and testing welders and providing them to the jobsite ready to pass the on-site test. Within the first week, more than 80 percent of CLP welders passed the customer's weld test and went to work. Within two weeks, the project was brought back on schedule. Now CLP is a trusted member of the company's long-term construction team.

"We didn't think it was possible to find an outside company that would understand our business and really know welding well enough to make a difference. We were wrong. CLP's industry knowledge and attention to detail has made all the difference. They've saved us time and money, and earned our confidence. We intend to keep CLP around for a long time."
                          - Justin, Project Manager

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