CLP & PTS Help Complete $125 Million Shut-Down

Reno, NV (September 24, 2010) -- In spring 2010, a Fortune 500 company scheduled a $125 million, month-long shut-down of its Midwest refinery to overhaul the facility. With a “to-do” list of more than 600 pages including environmental and production upgrades, it was obvious the refinery would need to bring in outside help to complete the project with minimal disruption.

The refinery hired a general contractor, one that worked with several staffing suppliers to provide the 1,500 people required to complete the job. Because of CLP’s due diligence and constant communication, it quickly took the lead among the staffing partners, working with affiliate company, PTS, to supply four lead site foremen and nearly 500 traveling tradespeople, including welders, hole watchers, pipefitters and equipment operators. 

“I would like to thank CLP and PTS for their assistance on the refinery turnaround project that took place in March of 2010. They ultimately supplied us with almost 500 temporary skilled tradesmen, all of whom showed up fully prepared to work," said the company's Human Resources Director. "This combination of preparation and skill helped us meet our deadlines on time and within budget. I would not hesitate to call on CLP and PTS again, as they have proven to be a very valuable asset to our company.”

To service a project of this magnitude, CLP assigned an experienced on-site manager and a specialty recruiter to handle workforce issues throughout the project. The CLP and PTS teams worked under almost impossible deadlines to recruit and background/drug check nearly 7,000 tradespeople; and then hire, oversee (and sometimes house) those ultimately hired to fill the required positions. CLP and PTS are proud of this partnership, which allowed the contractor to successfully complete the project on time and within budget. 

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