8a Contractors

Here’s welcome news for 8a contractors. CLP has received confirmation from the U.S. Small Business Administration that section 8a contractors can fulfill the “self performance” requirement of their contracts when they partner with CLP and use our skilled tradespeople on their jobsites.

This provides 8a contractors with the flexibility to priority bid on more government projects and add the tradespeople they need for their winning bids, without the time and cost of hiring full-time tradespeople.

When 8a contractors partner with CLP, they enjoy an efficient and convenient approach to construction staffing. Gone is the long-term cost of employing, laying-off, and then re-remploying skilled trades. And CLP also takes on HR functions like payroll and benefits administration, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and other employment costs. The result? Fewer headaches and more time to focus on business.

CLP has created a special agreement to be used exclusively for 8(a) BD Participants, in order to comply with recommendations set forth by the SBA. For more information, please contact your CLP representative.

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