1099 Requirements

Concerned about 1099 requirements? With nearly 25 years in the construction staffing industry, CLP Resources, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise not only to provide you with the skilled workers you need, but also to take care of your HR needs so worries about 1099 requirements can become a thing of the past. 

As a contractor who needs temporary skilled labor, you need to be able to rely on your staffing agency.  That’s where CLP’s outstanding and respected reputation becomes an important factor in choosing us to provide your flexible workforce. We make sure that current 1099 requirements are met, as well as taking care of workers’ comp and insurance details. 

Too many businesses make the mistake of not reporting correctly, and that can end up being time consuming and expensive, and possibly illegal. Contact CLP today. We can answer any questions and concerns you may have regarding 1099 requirements and working with temporary employment agencies.

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